I am Mr. Basil Chukwudi Nwabueze ; a serious advocate of a happy, peaceful and united family; a Biologist, having obtained a Bachelor of Science Degree (Hons) in Zoology from Nigeria’s foremost university, the great University of Ibadan and the author of the book ‘How To Enjoy A Happy Family‘ whose contents are mostly based on the experience gained from my personal interactions with various families of various backgrounds that spanned over twelve years. Having attended numerous seminars and professional courses, I am also an accomplished farmer, marketer and transporter. I am happily married to just one wife and blessed with two boys and one girl.

With strong and passionate admiration for my early native family setup, I felt that something, somehow has really gone amiss in an average  Nigerian family. Armed with extensive research on the family values in other countries, I emphatically believe that the calamity is not only on the Nigerian family. It is unfortunately a global problem. Happily however, I believe the problem can be solved, or at least ameliorated, by properly educating (young) people that want to go into marriage, as well as advising those who are already married to be able to swim out of the marital and family mess in which they have already found themselves.

I am also a dedicated and accomplished speaker on the family and marriage at seminars and similar forums. With a calm understanding and co-operation of the people with marriage and family counselors, I sincerely and strongly believe that happiness, peace and unity will be part of most families across the globe. In deed, the happiness of an average family anywhere in the world is my happiness.

Please do enjoy your family and marriage.

Thank you.

B. C. NWABUEZE, +234 (0) 806 040 2474; 813 474 8146

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