Dear Serena,

When I published a post about you on this website last year, many people around the world concurred with me in respect of the assertions I made there. From the bottom and top of my heart, I did say in that post that you have made both money and fame over the years and therefore should start enjoying your marriage and say good bye to active tennis playing.

Writing in support and defense of the family and marriage, I was happy, just like many people across the globe, when you broke the news that you were carrying a four-month pregnancy for the American internet expert, winning that year’s Ausstralia Open while pregnant. Please I still stand on my candid advice to you then.

As a biologist with some little knowledge of psychology, I knew for certain that your days of excellent performance on the courts are over. And to confirm this assertion, the whole world has been witnessing your poor outings since then.

Consequently, my dear Serena, as one of your fans, I am obliged to humbly re-state that the appropriate time to retire is now, and then go ahead to enjoy your young marriage and family. Maybe, maybe and maybe, much later, you can begin to groom and manage other tennis players. Meanwhile, please do go over that post I wrote about you on my blog posts on this website.

I wish you the best from God and that is, a happy, peaceful and united family through good marriage.

Thank you.

Yours faithfully,

Basil C. Nwabueze (

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