All the information about Serena Williams, both the ones put down here and the ones not here, are already well known to the world. I am only repeating some of them here because I must use the as reference points to make room for a clearer understanding of my analysis that comes up subsequently.

The fantastic success on the tennis courts around the world has earned her an enviable record as one of the greatest tennis stars on earth. This has also translated to her being among the top five richest female athletes in the world, with a total net worth of about one hundred and fifty million dollars, as at April . 2017 according to Fox Business.

Serena some years ago stunned the world with her customized provocative mode of dressing on court that has since become her trademark and hugely admired by her numerous  fans across the globe. However, she stunned the world even the more in April shortly after winning the Australian Open by announcing that she was pregnant for four months for an internet expert, Alex Ohanian, also an American and co-founder of a social media outfit, Reddit. Serna was born in 1981 while Ohanian was born in 1983. As opposed to Serena’s, Ohanian’s net worth is about ten million dollars

One particular aspect that actually added some spices to that Australian Open was that the victory was over her own elder sister, Venus, and the sixth as against Venus’s two in a major final. Overall, it was their thirty eight times of meeting, with Serena claiming over twenty victories. But one wonderful and interesting aspect of the Williams’ story is that their own father is their coach. As a matter of fact, Mr. Richard Williams  had started training his daughters before they were six years of age.

With this little background knowledge, let me now give you the analysis you need. But before then, let us hear from Serena herself regarding her controversial statement on her instagram page in April: “I never felt pressured to get married and I can’t say I am am the marrying type of person, love my life, I love my freedom and I love my carrier. I always felt I didn’t want anything to interfere with that. But really, he is very loving and he’s very kind. He’s very considerate”. Remarkably great statements!

Now please remember that this website is always interested in seeing families around the world happy, peaceful and united. Such a family should be strongly built through a legitimate marriage between a husband and his wife. And before going into marriage, one must prepare themselves physically, psychologically,financially, and should have got a basic education to enable them read up some some materials for their personal enlightenment about themselves and their environment.

From Serena’s statement, it can easily be observed that she certainly was not yet ready for marriage. Granted that she is physically, educationally and financially mature enough to go into marriage, it is now known that she is not yet ready mentally and psychologically. She has made it abundantly clear that marriage is not on her priority list. Personally, I salute her courage to be honest enough to tell the world the whole truth. And so, I can now understand why she was reported to have said that the pregnancy was a mistake.

From her statement, she is still engrossed in the future successes of her wonderful career on the courts. After her last victory, Bob Dorfman, a sports marketing expert and creative director at Baker Street Advertising in San Francisco, spoke to Fox Business regarding Serena and Venus her sister: “In addition to their athleticism and talent, they’re smart . They sound intelligent on camera, they have charisma, they are very educated and they are excellent role models for young girls. All of that works together- they have performance, personality and purity.”

Bob’s assessment, I believe reflects the opinions of hundreds of thousands of people around the world. Now, giving birth at age 38 is a very divinely ordained call on Serena to lay more emphasis on her new family than on the courts. And frankly speaking, what else does she really want to achieve on the courts? She has got the fame or reputation and has amassed wealth through her successes on the courts. But fundamentally, I strongly believe that her and fulfillment will be complete when she settles down for full family life as a wife and mother. Fortunately, she had stated that her husband is kind, loving and considerate. So, if the man has got three of some of the qualities a good husband should possess, I sincerely believe that, all things being equal, they are on their way to a successful and happy married life. All they simply need is to get my book, “HOW TO ENJOY HAPPY FAMILY” or read up my previous posts on this website.

She does not need to regret being pregnant at 38 because her mother graciously gave birth to her when she was just 29. Also, she should really be happy because the baby will be arriving in September when she will be celebrating her own birthday anniversary. What a privilege and coincidence! Granted that her mother might not be as well engaged as herself, being a professional sportswoman, it is believed that starting to settle down for full family life  as wife and mother should have started before now.Having said this much, let us now see a few lessons an average family should learn from all this.

  1. Down here in Nigeria, the country with the highest population of black people in the world, there has always been this misconception that sportswomen find it difficult to get pregnant. But Serena, also a black woman, has proved them wrong. Congratulations Serena!
  2. That Serena chooses her professional career over marriage and family simply shows how much passionate and committed she is to tennis and the courts.
  3. Some people have actually been tempted to align with the opinion that contrary to 2 above, Serena wants to continue with her career without looking back because of the huge financial returns that have turned her a millionaire.
  4. Although she is not in a hurry to settle down for her own family, I personally believe she must be a very good family member for her to be loyal enough to be under her father’s tutelage for so long without any major misunderstanding to separate them
  5. Naturally, money wields a lot of power and influence. Being richer and more famous than her husband did not make her to reject him. Rather, she is still humble enough to see some good virtues in him when she confessed that  he was kind, loving and considerate.
  6. As a follow up to 4 and 5 above, being the younger yet richer and more popular than her elder sister Venus has never gotten to her head as to make her arrogant or push her to make derogatory remarks on Venus. I want to believe that this is an embodiment of humility at the highest level Great!
  7. Like very people have pointed out including Bob mentioned above, Serena has been and will continue to be a great source of inspiration to many young girls all over the world.
  8. Finally and very importantly, for the Williams family to witness live or watch on television the presentation of trophy to their daughter on several occasions is actually a very big source of joy to them. And of course I align myself to this as this website stands to encourage things that engender happiness, peace and unity in the family.

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Thank you and please do enjoy your family and marriage

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