If you are already married, the answers you will get from some of these questions will just make your marriage stronger and more enjoyable. Also, if you are yet to get married, the answers you will get from some of these questions will get you well prepared ahead of what you want to enter into, making it clear to you that marriage majorly is what you want it to be is exactly what it will be for you.
Now, carefully consider these questions:

Do you really need courtship before you get married?
What qualifies you for marriage?
What size of family do you need?
After marriage, do you still need your parents’ directives and advice?
Which one is more important, wedding or marriage?
Who really owns the house, the husband or the wife?
If job or business keeps husband and wife apart from each other, what happens?
Is sex really necessary in marriage?
What happens when the marriage fails to produce children?
10. Must there be a divorce?
11. What happens when a spouse dies?
Is polygamy really bad?

For answers to these and several other marital/family questions, as well as public speech on the family and marriage at occasions like weddings, engagement ceremonies and birthday parties, please contact me. It is NOT free.

God bless your marriage and family.

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