The cost of modern life style on the average family cannot be quantified. The family and, by extension the society, is really under threat. So, to get things right, the family must be built on a very strong foundation. The intending husband and wife that want to start this family must get themselves ready, bearing in mind that what they intend to enter into is not a child’s play, neither is marriage a bed of roses. And those who are already into it need to do some introspection to see where they have got it wrong.

The vision of this website is to produce happy, peaceful and united families all over the world. The mission is to continually encourage those activities that will provide solution to numerous marital/family problems. For example, candid answers and explanations must be provided to questions such as:

1. Must there be courtship before you get married?

2. What qualifies you for marriage?

3. What size of family do you need?

4. Is polygamy really bad?
5. Which one is more important, wedding or marriage?
6. When the marriage fails to produce children, what happens?
7. After marriage, do you still need your parents’ directives or advice?
8. Who really owns the house, the wife or the husband?
9. Is sex really necessary in marriage?
10. Must there be a divorce in marriage?
11. When job or business keeps husband and wife apart from each other, what happens?

12. In case a spouse dies, what follows?

From these questions, you can now understand that this site is strictly dedicated to the good of both the married people and those mature and responsible adults who intend to go into marriage now or later. It is not for school children who must first deal with their education and then build themselves. For the married people, what they will learn by continuously visiting this site will make their marriage stronger, juicier and more enjoyable. And for the mature and single adults who intend to get married, the information they will get by regularly visiting this site will get them well prepared ahead, making it very clear to them that marriage is what you want it to be is exactly what it will be for you.
Just always do your best to satisfy your spouse and you will be amazed how happy and successful your marriage /family will be
Please do enjoy your family and marriage as you regularly visit this site.
Thank you.
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